Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FoW V3 Musings

Played my first V3 game of FoW recently.  It was team game with my Brit Paras and Mike's American Tank company (1000 pts each) vs 2000 points of Marks German Tank Comapny.  Some very interesting things about V3...gotta say that I love it so far and thought that I would share some of my thoughts on key sections...namely major changes that jumped out at me.

While not the first section in the Rulebook, I thought that I would share my thoughts on the Command section first.  In my opinion, if a game doesn't have good command and morale rules then I don't want to deal with it.  Fortunately, FoW has always had good Command and Morale rules...and Version 3 has
simplified a few things.

Command Distance has changed a little bit.  In Version 2 (and further clarified in the More Again Lessons From The Front), you could have a situation where one unit would be in command and another unit would be out.  Take a Vet Tank CiC with an 8 in Command Radius trying to work with a Vet Infantry unit with a 6 in Command Radius.  The Tank would be in Command, but the Infantry would not.  In Version 3 it is clear cut...you use the lowest Command Distance of the two units to make the call.

Units moving when out of command is still PRETTY much the same.  Units out of command move last and if they move they must move in such a way as to bring them into command or as close to it as possible.  However, in V2 if a team Moved At The Double, the entire platoon counted as Moving At The Double.  In V3, only the team that Moved At The Double counts as having done so...not the
entire platoon.

Command Teams joining a unit has also changed in V3.  It used to be that that the CiC or higher Command Team would join and take over the platoon.  In V3, the CiC, Higher Command Team and now the 2iC only take over if there is no Platoon Command Team.  If the Platoon Command Team is still there, the higher command teams can still join the platoon, but they don't take over.  You still get the benefit of the now joined higher command team for failed Motivation Test re-rolls as before with the exception that now the 2iC can provide this ability.  Also all the non Platoon Command Teams add this ability only if they are not bailed out.

Will post other thoughts as they hit me...as well as more pictures of my units and BatReps  ;-)

With luck I should have the Halftracks for my 5th SS Wiking unit done this week and can share those.

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