Friday, March 2, 2012

Brit Para Royal Engineers

4 squads (8 teams) of death dealing destruction!  A couple of unique sculps here.  A chap holding concertina wire, another kneeling with C4, and another with rope over his shoulder (one of my favorite sculps of the lot BTW).  The list also comes with a supply wagon…and I didn’t know how best to show the in-game capabilities of this (allows unit to get some stands wire or minefields).  I’ll share how I did that at the end.  J  I also tried my new basing technique (Thanks to the WWPD guys…Dirty Jon and Max).  I covered this in an earlier post.

1st Squad:

2nd Squad:

3rd Squad:

4th Squad:

Flamethrower Option:

HQ and Supply Wagon:

The Whole Platoon:

So for the supply wagon I wanted to show the capability to make wire obstacles.  The wood planks are cut pieces of plastic card.  The wire is from Gale Force 9.  This stuff is awesome and CHEAP!!! Great bang for the buck.  I wrapped little sections around the handle of a paintbrush to get the shape and viola!

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