Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Autosahariana Force

I was able to finish painting my Italian Autosahariana force just before our Raiding Aces Grand Finale....but haven't shared with you all yet what those guys look like.  Without further ado...

My Warrior CiC in his Custom Ride (AS42 with Twin Vickers and 2 other AAMGs a whopping 6 Rate of Fire all by himself.  The Warrior figure is from the Fucilleri Battalion Command pack with the base filed off.  A rather dashing figure if I must say.

4 ea AS42 Autosahariana Platoons and the Command group:

The dismounted command group.  The 3 figure team in the middle is the actual commander and the team on the right is the Italian "Unknown Hero."

All the dismounts...Rifle/MG teams.  I used the Fucilleri Infantry Platoon figures for these guys.  There is one MG per platoon.

My second skill was to add one HMG to one vehicle per platoon.  This gave one of the AS42 a rate of Fire 6 HMG if stationary or ROF3 if moving...and the team would dismount as an HMG team.  So I painted a full MG Platoon in case I expand my Italians.

All in all I really painting these guys.  The sculps were very nice and have a lot of personality.  And I do see myself coming back to these guys some time in the future.

Oh well...back to learning Version 3 and painting my SS Wiking Panzer Grenadiers.  Going pretty well.  On the last squad and command section now....also the Halftracks are primed and basecoated!


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  1. This is why I came here, cool army and models. I'm working on an Autosahariana force as well.

    Now I'm checking out the rest of your site and there's tons of useful tips and great painting.

    You are being followed;-)
    Thanks mate.