Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tiffy Incoming!!!!!

"Shoot the purple...Shoot the Purple"

A smoke shell is fired at the wood line where German small arms and Anti-gun fire was coming from.

A low growling noise is heard behind the British troops...steadily getting louder as it approaches.

"Here comes Tiffy!!!!!"

A British Royal Air Force Typhoon ground Attack airplane comes swooping in at the enemy position where the purple marking smoke still burns...with guns and rockets blazing.  The enemy fire stops.

The plane flies past what was once an enemy strong does a victory roll and flies off into the distance.

The British Typhoon...what more can be said.  One of the ...if not THE best ground attack plane from the war.  And here is my version:

Its a beautiful model from Battlefront...but OH MY GOD did it give me fits to paint.  There is something about the resin where it is too smooth and that makes it not want to hold paint easily.  Even after a nice soapy bath before painting to remove any mold residue, it didn't take to holding paint.  How do I know this?  Because I basically painted her twice.  The first time I used my new airbrush for the primer and botoom base coat and then masked off the bottom so I wouldn't mess that up.  I then painted the top base coat and masked off a section and painted the second camo color.  Paint was coming off all over the place when I remove the mask....I have used this process on other Battlefront resin models (Polish Tanks) to great effect without any problems.

Second go around I did not use any masks and did all the painting freehand with an airbrush and touched up areas and added detail with a normal brush.  The Invasion stripes were done freehand with a normal brush.

Final product turned out pretty good in my opinion...and this bird and her 2 mates are circling overhead waiting to pound anyone foolish enough to tangle with my Brit Paras.


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