Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fiat Falco

Air support for my Autosahariana. Have only painted one so far…and with Version 3 rumored to only need 1 vice 3, it might be the only one I do. Building it was pretty straight forward. Put the struts on the lower wing and wheels on the fuselage. Leave the wing off while you paint. Painted the lot and glued the top wing on once painting was done. Decals were pretty easy too….except for the white cross on the plane’s rudder. You have to trim the cross piece a little on both ends as well as the long pieces in order to make it fit.

And now the pictures!

All the camo was handpainted...still trying to work the kinks out with the new airbrush and I haven't mastered doing something that tight with the airbrush yet.  Still playing with paint/water ratios, air pressure and nozzle sizes.  Once I get that down I will do up one of the other Falcos I have and do it "right."

And we just entered Turn 2 of our Raiding Aces Campaign...and the Allies need to be looking to the skies because this baby is coming in hot.

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