Monday, January 23, 2012

Raiding Aces Turn 1

My FLGS is hosting a Raiding Aces campaign and we have 12-15 players starting out on Turn 1.  I am running the Autosahariana with the beautiful AS42 trucks.

Game one

500 point game versus a brand new player running US Rangers.  He was so new it wasn’t just his first game he had only just bought his army an hour or so earlier…based them and gave them a quick basecoat (looked like Toy Story’s Green Army Men on the table…only with a bigger punch). We rolled Breakthrough and I was the Attacker fighting for Kufra.  The Rangers set up in between some hills guarding the objective with fire.  I ran 2 AS42 platoons each with the 47mm, 20mm, .5 MG and extra MGs and the HQ section had extra MGs.  This came in at 410 points.  Had  planned to have the Falcos in support…but cant have support in the first turn…oh well.

Game was pretty much lining up the AS42s and shooting his platoons while using terrain to minimize his return fire.  Slowly killed his platoons and Company Commander…and when forced to take an Army Morale Test he couldn’t... so I won.  Good opponent and he was picking up little tricks VERY quickly.  He is going to be deadly in the future

 He used his 60mm mortars quite well and I kept getting hit by a 1 gun bombardment every turn.  Thank God for the 3+ raider Save!

Axis is up 2-0 in Kufra and my Ace earned 4 skill points

Game two.  Axis and Allies are tied in Muzark and the Allies are up by one win in Kufra now.

500 point game versus OSS.  This time I ran 3 platoons of plain Jane AS42s…only 1 MG each.  The HQs section had an extra MG in each vehicle.
We rolled up No retreat and I was the Attacker….fighting in Kufra.  Have to win to tie up control. 
OSS deploys a Partisan platoon with 2 ea HMGs, 2 ea 37mm  AT Gun, 2 ea 60mmMortars.  The Will of the Sahara has us in a Khamsin…Night Rules are in effect until either of us rolls a 5 in our Starting Step.  All my platoons are on the board.
There is a good bit of terrain I can hide behind as I move into position.  I send 2 platoons to the far objective from his one board platoon.  This objective has the HMGs staring it.  I send the 3rd platoon and HQs towards the center of the board towards the other objective and try to screen them from his AT guns. On his first turn the Khamsin lifts and he can see me…at least part of me.  He also gets another Partisan platoon with Rifle/MG  to arrive closest to the objective I am sending 2 platoons at. His AT Guns, mortars and HMGs hit, but I save.  I move the center units into position and dismount the 3rd platoon.  I sent one of the 2 platoons on the right to support the center.  I light up his dug-in HMGs & mortars with 2 mounted platoons MG fire for a few turns and one platoon lights up his Rifle /MG Platoon.  The Rifle/MG Partisans take 7 hits and he fails 5 saves.  The dug in HMG/Mortar/AT platoon stay pinned for a few turns and slowly my MG fire score enough hits where he fails saves and I make firepower checks....even killing his Ace who joined te platoon to help stedy it.  It boils down to the dismounted platoon assaulting his remaining AT Gun and winning only to be assaulted by his SMG OSS platoon.  I have obe team left in the dismounted platoon and decide to breakoff the attack (cant risk giving him  a VP for killing a platoon).  Then on the last turn I kill the remaining Rifle/MG platoon stands and he cant make his Army Morale (lost 2/3 platoons) on the next turn.  He had a lot of bad rolls at critical times and it was hard for the dice to balance out…and my dice were hot.  Only lost one AS42 and 3 dismounts…but no platoons. 

This returned the balance in Kufra…so we are back to being tied at all locations in Turn One.

Turn two starts this Saturday (28 Jan 12) and if I am lucky I might be able to get another game in before then.  I hit my first skill target and am going to take Custom Ride which gives my Ace a Twin MG in his vehcile and next turn I can have an HMG in each Platoon which will dismount as a HMG team.  This will be useful versus the Sudan Force ahich I have heard have been tearing it up wwith their HMGs...Their range exceeds the vehicle MGs range and can striek from longer range.  On Turn two I can also get my Falcos or 75mm Arty...this will help out against those nasty garrsion forces.

On the painting table:  Brit Para Enginners finished painting and waiting to be vased.  Will get that done this week...also Have my Typhoons about 90% completed too.  More to follow on that this weekend!


  1. Wow, I just completed my OSS raiders with support, so there's lots to game for!