Sunday, January 8, 2012

Brit Para Glider Pilot Platoon

Just finished the Glider Pilot Platoon...and I have to say that these were some of my favorite sculps to paint.  Nice detail and some very nice poses.

The entire Platoon:

Platoon Headquarters:

 1st Squad:

2nd Squad:

3rd Squad:

Some of my favorite sculps:

I love the kneeling rifleman and the Sten Gunner shooting

The running Sten Gunner is real close to a pose from a picture I have seen from the Arnhem battle

Gotta love an M1 Carbine

Some of my favorite figures so far in this army.  Working on the Para Royal Engineers now and about half done with them and could be very close to finishing by next weekend...crossing my fingers!

Also with any luck, I should be able to get a game in this Friday...crossing toes (as my fingers were already crossed).

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