Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brit Para 75mm Artillery Battery

What a way to start a new year!!!!  Just put the finishing touches on my Para Artillery Battery.  Quite pleased ....and..there is a little special twist I did on the Staff Team.

The whole battery...8 guns, Leaders, Observers and Staff Team

Battery Commander and Staff Team:

The Battery Commander:

The Staff Team:

The twist was that I took the Lieutenant Colonel "Pine " Coffin Hero  (Chap in the beret) and cut him down to be pointing on the map.  Took his helmet and placed it onto the table.

 First Platoon:

Second Platoon:

Nest on the table are the Glider Pilots Platoon....about 25% done with these now.  MIGHT be done by next weekend if I can keep the pace up.  Have to love long weekends! 

Again best wished to you all for the new year.

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