Wednesday, April 3, 2013

German Armored Quad 20mm Anticraft Guns

We had a 2000 pt Flames of War Late War tournament in Mid March and I was going to run Germans...but  had a load of painting I had to get done to be able to field a good force.  Add to that I was undecided as to which list I was going to I had to paint several extra units to be covered...just in case.

One thing I knew I needed regardless of the list was a good platoon of Anti-craft guns.  I already had the Armored Quad 20mm tracks in the painting cue, but hadn't gotten around to them yet.  Well their number got called and they moved up the ranks.

These are Battlefront models and I love how they look.  I had very little flash on the vehicle and crew to deal with.  Putting them together was a bit of a challenge though.  The guns and gun shield were uncooperative at times...but they finally saw who was boss and relented  ;-)

Gun 1

Gun 2

Gun 3

The vehicles were all airbrushed with Vallejo Middlestone (882) as a base color and then stripes of German Camo Medium Brown (826) and Reflective Green (890) were added.  I was using my single action airbrush and the stripes were a LITTLE thick, so I had to thin them out by stippling the edges with Middlestone.

The tracks were basecoated in Vallejo Black (950) and then heavy dry brushed in Cavalry Brown (982) with a final highlight of Gunmetal Grey (863) and a #2 pencil.

The crew were painted using my paint plan for SS Wikings posted under my Painting Plans post.  I went with the plan Feldgrau look as opposed to any camo as the figures didn't have camo smocks.

I did do a head swap for the gunner on Gun #3 to add a little variety to the unit.

They did well in the tournament knocking down a few enemy planes in the process


  1. Nice looking unit.
    It another unit on my to get list, though I usually use the 3.7cm variety for AAA, where possible (I prefer the higher FP)

  2. These look really great and very dynamic