Tuesday, April 23, 2013

German 20mm AA Armored Halftrack Platoon

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we had a 2000 pt Flames of War Late War tournament in Mid March and I was going to run Germans...and that I was undecided as to which list I was going to run.  I was split between Quad 20mm Armored halftracks or the single 20mm armored halftrack.  Well, this week I get to share the option I did not choose...the 20mm AA Armored halftrack platoon.

These too are Battlefront models and again I love how they look.  They had very little flash on the vehicle and crew to deal.  Assembling the guns was much easier (as their is only one and not 4 as in the Quad 20mm); but I did have an issue with one of the tracks on one of the vehicles.  It wasn't really a miscast, just all the flash that wasn't on the other figures was on this one track.  Easily overcome though.

1st Gun Section

2nd Gun Section

3rd Gun Section


The standing gun crew members were pinned in place with a little piece of piano wire drilled in one of their feet.

I used the same techniques and colors as I did with the Quad 20mm tracks.  The vehicles were all airbrushed with Vallejo Middlestone (882) as a base color and then stripes of German Camo Medium Brown (826) and Reflective Green (890) were added. I was using my single action airbrush and the stripes were a LITTLE thick, so I had to thin them out by stippling the edges with Middlestone.

The tracks were basecoated in Vallejo Black (950) and then heavy dry brushed in Cavalry Brown (982) with a final highlight of Gunmetal Grey (863) and a #2 pencil.

Even though I didn't use these in the actual tournament, I did use them in a few warm up games prior and they were effective for the points, but I had enough points in my list and could afford the Quads for the tournament...so they won out.


  1. Very nice job.
    Whats the secret to your colour code dots?

  2. I use the color codes to designate Company (Far left single dot), Platoon (2 dots in the center) and squad (2 dots far right). Typically, Red represents the 1st, White the 2nd and Blue the 3rd of a unit

    You dont REALLY need to go below platoon for Flames of War purposes, but going down to squad helps me organize them and make sure I have all my stands when I pack up after a game.

    I did a full post at: