Saturday, April 28, 2012

Joy of Painting (Miniatures) --- Paint Plans

In the Organization episode (HERE) we discussed the use of a paint plan.  At the request of a user, I have placed the Paint Plans I have so far up on the net at in a PDF.  The link should take you there where you can download the PDF.  Let me know if you have any problems downloading the files.

Brit Paras

Brit Para Jeeps

Desert Italian Infantry

Desert Italian Vehicles

EW Polish Infantry

LW German SS Wiking Infantry

LW US Glider Infantry (Normandy)

LW US Para (Brown - Normandy)

LW US Para (Green - Market Garden)

These are HEAVILY based on the Battlefront suggestions in each of their army source books.


  1. Thank you. I am getting started on a US Para company and this will be a big help.

    1. I wanted to see your paras and para jeeps files but cannot download them.
      Could you please send them to me?