Friday, February 17, 2012


When I started (Late 80s-90s)miniature gaming I used a VERY simple basing style. I just glued some Woodland Scenics green flock to the base.

DBA Norman CiC
That never sat well with me and then I started experimenting with rocks and paint. I would leave some sections just painted and flock others…I would also use rocks and pieces of straw.

BloodBowl Dwarf Trollslayer
A little later (2004ish) I discovered static grass and Battlefront and used this method till just now. Here I would texture the base with spackle…paint the base brown…add static grass…blow on it to stand it up…then add a few Silfor tufts here and there. I would leave little sections of the base unpainted to show the “dirt”. Before I discovered Silfor I tried to make my own tufts...ok for 28mm but not for 15mm

Dismounted Polish Kawalerii Troop Command

I saw pictures recently of WWPD’s Dirty Jon’s German AT guns and started asking him how he did his bases. He was kind enough to email me and share his secrets. Just recently he posted a great tutorial on the  WWPD Basing Tutorial . I also saw some of Max's from the WWPD crew and some tips and videos he posted on YouTube. This led me to the technique I am using now.
I am now make 3 layers and then hi lighting with clump foliage and Silfor tufts.  I cover the base with either spackle or Vallejo Pumice.  Paint it Chocolate Brown, black wash it then hi light with Earth Brown and US Field Drab.  Now for the layers... The first layer is a "Soil" layer.  It is made from a mix of Woodland Scenics FineTurf Soil and Earth as a base with some Fine Turf Burnt Grass added in for flavor.

 I let that dry a little.  Then I use watered down Elmer's (PVA) glue and then add a "Turf" layer.  I don't cover all the soil layer.  I want little patches of the dirt to pop through.  The Turf Layer consists of Woodland Scenics a little more Fine Turf Earth and a heavy base of Fine Turf Green Grass and a little Fine Turf Weeds.  A also threw in a little Galeforce 9 Winter Dead Static Grass, Summer Flock and Meadow Flock.  A pinch of Woodland Scenics Dark Green Static Grass was also added.

I let that dry for a little bit and then add some more watered down Elmer's Glue in smaller patches than before and add the third or "Grass" layer.  This layer is mostly Woodland Scenics Dark and Light Green Static Grass with a pinch of the Galeforce 9 Winter Dead Static Grass.

Lastly I add the clump foliage and Silfor Tufts.  Sure it takes a little longer, but the results are worth it.  The different layers add a 3D effect to the bases which adds more life to the unit.
Now, compare to the static grass method I was using....

Old Way

New Way


New way takes a little more time, but is a big improvement.  Multitasking helps do the glue as you end a session so it dries and when you have your next session you can move to the next step.  Paint other models in the queue while things dry, etc...

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