Friday, December 16, 2011

Cobblestone Street Bases and Brit Para Surprise!

I mentioned earlier that the first time I based my Para Assault Platoon I wasn't happy with the result had had to rebase of the main reasons was that I used a few of the cobblestone street bases and the gap between the models and the base were still very pronounced.  So I had a dilemma...I could choose not to ever use the cobblestone bases or try to figure out how to get the right effect and make some really cool stands.

The main problem I had was on how to hide the gaps between model and base.  On the standard rubble bases you can fill the gap with sand or in my case the handy dandy Pumice from Vallejo.  That fights in real nice with the rubble and you never see it.  Cobblestone streets are very different.  Unless you want ever figure on the street to be standing in a little rubble, you need to somehow model the cobblestones underneath and around the model.

It was then that I rember before we had the plastic rubble bases, to get the cobblestone effect, folks would cover  a flat base with greenstuff and after it dried they would cut the stones into the clay and viola!  You had your cobblestone street.  Downside, was you had to cut the figure from his base and then pin each on to the street...or build the base up with greenstuff to cover the figure's base and then cut the stones in...this made the bases pretty thick...and heavy.

I also wasnt happy with the gray cobblestone streets I had painted first go around.  A little research and I found a nice brick cobblestone street that I used for inspiration for my models:

So I hit on a compromise. I painted the figures and bases first. Then I would fill the gaps in with greenstuff. To make sure I didnt get any on the figures I glued a figure in place, then filled his gaps with greenstuff and moved to the next figure.

And the completed ---rebased---Flamethrower team for Para Assault Platoon

 Now for the Surprise.....

Lieutenant Colonel Johnnie Frost!!!!

 Not one but TWO surprises!!!!

Major Digby Tatham-Warter.  Commander, A Company 2nd Parachute Battalion.  He will be my Company CiC when I play a Frost's Perimeter Force.

 VERY happy with the results on all the bases.  You REALLY have to look to see the gaps.  On the closeup pictures you can see the rough edges of where I had cut into the greenstuff.  In real life it is hard to see.  Next time I will have to file a little more.

Back to 75mm Parachute Artillery Battery.  About half done with the first platoon's gun maybe 2 more weeks till I am all done.  And I have a surpise mod in the battery that will be pretty cool if I pull it off  :-)  Until then I will post some of my older works so visits won't be a waste of time for you.

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