Sunday, December 11, 2011

1st AT Plt (6 lber) Rebased

Just finished the rebasing of my 1st At Platoon (6 lbers) where I mistakenly based them on the large bases instead of the medium bases.  A little bit of the paint got messed up in the unbasing and rebaseing process, but I think I covered it up OK.

What they looked like before:

And after the rebasing:

A very tight fit on the medium base, but in game play it will make a big difference.  In fact in the game that I BatRep'ed earlier I had 2 platoons of painted on the large base and one unpainted on the correct, medium base.  Having the smaller base allowed me to fit troops in better in the defense and when I was hit with Mike's mortars, he could hit the larger bases easier than he could the smaller.

Well worth the extra effort.

Still rebasing the Flamethrower team to 4 man team on a medium base from the 2 man team small base...and 2 other surprise teams....all on the cobblestone bases from Battlefront's plastic rubble bases.  Should be able to post those around mid week.  Then its a little finishing up 2 platoons from the 2nd Polish Dismounted Cavalry Company and back to my Brit Paras...the 8 gun 75mm Artillery Battery!!!!

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