Monday, October 17, 2011

Brit Paras

Just finished my 1st of 2 Anti Tank Gun (6 Lber) Platoons and my 3 in Mortar Platoon for my 1st Para force. These will support the 3 Para/Airlanding Platoons I already have painted (but will have to post later)

Anti Tank Gun Platoon:

Mortar Platoon

Thinking of adding some "scrub" trees to the bases of a few of these to add a little more flavor.  Have to save up some of my allowance.  :-)

Currently painting the Para/Airlanding Machine Gun Platoon where I did a nifty little mod that worked out bee-you-ti-fully if I do say.  Should finish them up this weekend and post pictures after that!


  1. I like the basing on those guys, you use pummice or just sand and PVA?

  2. Thanks for coming by. I started with Vallejo grey pumice. It gives a more broken up appearance when dried. Then I basecoated in Vallejo Chocolate Brown (872) then drybrush with Flat Earth (983) with a final light drybrush of US Field Drab (873).