Saturday, October 15, 2011

2nd Flames of War Game

Played Mike again a few days ago. Mission was "Hold the Line" with my Brit Para Frosts Perimeter Force vs Mike 4th Armored Div Armored Rifles at 1500 points.

I took the full artillery battery of 8 guns, the Airlanding AT platoon (6lbers), Para Assault w/Flamethrower, Recce ppt (2 squads)and 2 full platoons of Paras and good old Johnny Frost.

Mike had roughly the same force as before but with a platon of Hellcats this time.

We played faster this time and made it through 3 full turns before o had to go this time. Just a lot of shooting with each of us doing a little damage to each other. We had to quit just before Mike was going to launch an assault. He dismounted though to close to my frontline and I had his infantry all lined up for an extra round of shooting and was able to whittle him down a little. We Thoight that he should have dismounted farther back and then move up with his Priest hitting my infantry. And his mortars smoking the open area he would have to cross.

Another good time and hope to play again this Friday!

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