Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brit Para Infantry

I currently have 3 Para/Airlanding Infantry Platoons completed along with the Company Commander, 2IC and 3 PIATs. These are all based to represent the land around landing zones as I also wanted these guys to represent the 1st Airborne Recce when dismounted.  Troops of this unit were ALL OVER the landing zones to the North East edge of the cauldron.  I have a few more platoons unpainted that I will base on urban/rubble bases and they can represent forces at the bridge or in the urban areas of the pocket. One feature that has stuck in my mind about the terrain was patches of purple heather/clover.  I tried to represent that on the bases as well.  Another thing I remember seeing from pictures and "A Bridge Too Far" were orange these as well.

Company Command Section.  I did a headswap and some arm repositioning for the Commander and the 2IC team has a Brit Commando on the base.  Also did some headswaps on the PIAT teams to put some berets in there to mix it up a little.

Infantry Teams.  All of the teams were painted along these lines.  Again some headswaps to add some berets and mix up the models a little more.

Hope to have the Para Assault Platoon done in a week or so.  Should finish the Platoon Leader, PIAT, mortar and flamethrower teams this weekend and the main squads over next weekend.  Then I have the rubble bases.  2 weeks more maybe?

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