Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Joy of Painting (Miniatures) part 1

Well greetings and welcome to my humble studio.  A friend on the WWPD forums mentioned to me that I should do some tutorials and share how I paint. That comment really made me pause for moment.  I consider myself an above average painter and never really thought that folks would want to see how I do what I do.  I have been sharing pictures of my work for a while now, so why not
share a little about how I got there.  It really only made sense.  Then I started thinking about all the great painters out there and their wonderful tutorials and asked myself."Self," that's what I call myself when I am talking to myself (calling myself Bob or George would just be weird)."Self, what if you do a series that would help the novice, who is just getting into painting, get into it quicker and avoid some of the pitfalls, and still provide materiel for the intermediate painter to help bring them up in skill
as well."  I would have killed for something like this when I was first starting out. Worst case is I better arm them so that they can make more intelligent searches for information on how to improve your skills.  You don't know what you don't know.and if you know at a least a little more it helps you find information at least.

So, what I propose to do in this series is to share a lot of places I have gone for inspiration and instruction, explain how I have tweaked that for my style (hard to believe I just said I have a "style") as well as few little things I have learned along the road of hard knocks.  Help you learn from my mistakes so to speak.

What to expect in the future? I will strive to make a post a week...either finished pics of what I have been working on, reviews, or the tutorials...some might come out more frequently if I can swing it.  When I post my work I will tie back into different concepts I am trying to share.  For the concepts in the tutorials, I will break down the different techniques that I use for brush and airbrush and how I approach Infantry and vehicles.  We will go all the way from prepping figures to finishing and basing them.  I will also share how I task organize for all projects and how I start a project.

If you think of something I need to adjust in this let me know....next up "Task Organization:  How to prepare for a project"  Best said by the 5Ps...Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

And to quote the late, great Bob Ross (host of the "Joy of Painting TV series on American PBS), "Happy painting and God Bless, my friend."

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