Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Demo Progess

Just a short note on how things are moving along with the demo.

- Practice...been going over the rules nonstop to make sure I know the movement and shooting steps cold as well as branching out into the assault step just in case someone asks.

- Additional help.  My game store posted a message on the local wargaming clubs forums and it spurred some interest right off the bat.  We have a couple other folks who will be running  a second table with 2 1500 point armies and some modest terrain.  Idea is to show what a full set up looks like and then have the customer try a few turns.

- Game store advertising,  My local game store is pushing the demo pretty hard.  Flyers all over the store and they talk it up with customers as well.

- Counters.  Found during my practice games that the Open Fire kits don't come with counters.  You really need them for Bogged Down and Bailed Out vehicles.  You could proxy with coins or other unit markers, but that goes against the atmosphere we are trying to prevent.  A quick talk to the game store owner and we have US Generic and German Panzer counter sets on the be part of the store set along with the tanks after the demo.

- 2 in diameter Smoke Markers.  Finished making 8 of these monsters.  Have several different looks.  Will post pictures over the weekend

*** UPDATE *****

Promised pictures:

and in comparsion to the smoke marker on a penny:

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