Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hand Made Buildings

Was kinda slow over the Labor Day Weekend and I was looking at the terrain I had for the demo and noticed that we needed buildings.  Now I didn't want to spend a bunch on buildings at this moment and we only had a week before the demo so there was no time to order and paint buildings.  As I was looking at my scrap box, I noticed I had some styrofoam blocks from some mail order that I had been saving....Hmmmm

Then they started to look like little buildings....hmmmm

So, after a little carving, painting and gluing on small grey rocks (Woodland Scenics Ballast) to them, I started to see some Farmhouses from the Norman countryside....apply a little Woodland Scenics long grass to the roofs for thatching and from 3 feet they look pretty good.  We have a main farmhouse manor, 2 smaller farmhouses (x2 each) and little shed (x2)

Up close you can see the many flaws....crooked lines and all ...using a spongy type of styrofoam packing only made it worse.

They are a little small...2 infantry stands can fit in the small houses and 4 in the large white one. On the table they look good, so I am going to try a bigger building with the blocks I have leftover.

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