Sunday, August 21, 2011

Making Smoke & Flame Markers

To support the demo, I thought it would be really neat to have smoke and flames markers like Shawn Morris, The TerrainGuy, makes at this link:

My attempts and some comments from my experience. 

- Be careful if you use copper penny's and superglue.  There is a chemical reaction that releases heat and the pennys do get hot.  This dissipates after a few minutes though.  (EDIT:: Actually I think it is just the super glue itself.  I found doing another set of markers that if I smothered an area with other clumps or pinched it too hard I prevented the fumes from escaping.  I think this caused everything to get really hot)

- Be generous with the PVA glue/water mix for the hardcoat.n  Soak the markers thouroughly.  This really helps keep pieces from falling off later when you paint the marker.

- ALWAYS be on the lookout for little places where the wire shows through and have some foliage on hand to cover it up.  You will see some bare spots appear as the hardcoat appears.

- According to the Flames of War rulebook, smoke markers are supposed to be 2 inches in diameter and 2 inches in height.  Mine are like a 1/4 inch in diameter, but do meet the 2 inch height requirement.  I found some wood circles that are 2 inches in diameter and will try modifying a handful of the smoke markers I did make to the correct size.  The flames markers, though, turn out perfect, IMHO.

Now for some pictures:

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