Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making Antennas --- A Relook

I made a video a few months ago on how to make and add antennas to your Flames of War 15mm models. 

This method is great for a sturdy antenna...there is one LITTLE drawback to using wire however.  If you aren't careful, you can injure yourself.  Since you built the model (and probably already stuck yourself once (or twice...OK maybe 4 times), you are careful and avoid sticking yourself again. 

This becomes more of an issue if you let someone else use your models... in lets say a demo or teaching game and they weren't aware of the dangers of the wire....until they stick themselves.

Well...this happened to me recently as I was giving a demo at my FLGS to a friend from work...and he stuck himself on the antenna on one of my PzIVs.  He was a trooper and soldiered fact, he kicked total butt because his blood sacrifice to the Dice Gods must have been accepted as worthy.  I have never seen so many 5's and 6's in  game before.

Anyways, I wanted to prevent this from happening others...and to me  :-)

I started thinking and I saw that some folks used very thin fishing line or even bristles from a hair brush.  Those just didn't fit what I was looking for as they can tend to be too thick.  Then I remembered a technique I learned when doing 1:35 scale models.   You take a spare plastic sprue, melt it in the middle and stretch it to your desired thickness.  Works like a champ.

So I did another quick video showing this technique.

One great thing about this technique is that it is cheap.  Almost all the Flames of War models come with plastic parts...and that means sprues you can use for antennas.  So make a batch of antennas from every sprue you have and you will never run out for your needs.
Off to swap all my metals antennas with the plastic ones now.
Hope this helps....and get out there and paint some models!


  1. Just when I thought the fishing line method was really clever you go and come up with this really cool technique. When I get around to adding aerials to my armor I'll post it at my blog, Spotting Round.

  2. Nice, I knew about the nylon bristle trick but this will get a try on the table as well.