Wednesday, November 28, 2012

German Panzerwerfer 42 Battery

I've had my Panzerwerfer 42 battery for Flames of War in the queue for a while now, but with the recent commission jobs I had these guys had to go on the back burner so to speak.  But then, as so happens in life, several things happened at the same time.  First, I finished the models I had for both commission jobs and had time to paint some of my stuff.  Second, the Devastating Bombardment Template I have had on order for months finally came in.  That gave me the motivation to kick the battery into high gear.

And man, am I glad...this battery is ever so nice.

What am I talking about?  The Panzerwerfer 42 was an armored mobile rocket launcher the Germans used late in World War 2.  For Flames of War, the Panzerwerfer Battery looks like this :

In game terms, it can kick butt With 8 launchers I can use the Devastating Bombardment template which is 4 times the size of the the standard artillery template and make the opponent reroll any saves he makes!

Without further ado...the battery:

Battery Commander:

Forward Observer, 1st Platoon:

Forward Observer, 2nd Platoon:


The launchers are the same in both platoons, so I will so pics  for just 1 Platoon:

Love this box set.  The launchers are great sculps and you have very dynamic poses with the guys on the launchers.  The troops on the ground are the same ones from the Nebelwerfer platoons...its the same rocket after all on the Panzerwerfer.

The models are very quick to paint up.  I used my standard German paint jobs for the crew and airbrushed the vehicles.

I cant wait to get these guys on the table!


  1. Very nice!

    I love the way the whole model comes together. The basing really helps the model stand out.

  2. Well done good sir! I particularly like the windshields and window's on the observers Kublewagons. Really nice reflection effect.

  3. Great mixing of camo schemes. Love seeing all the different Oak leaf patterns.

  4. Nicely done! Those '42s with the extra crew make for a monster battery. Just remember to try and stormtrooper them so that they don't receive counterbattery fire.