Wednesday, September 26, 2012

German Stuka

The last of the 3 planes I recently completed was the workhorse of German Close Air Support-----The Stuka. 

I got this baby during the "Great Plane Swap" at WWPD where folks were selling off their "extra" 2 planes that came in a 3 pack box since the new Version 3 rules for Flames of War  chnaged the rule so that now you only need one model and a die to represent the flight of up to 3 planes versus the V2 method of having a model for each plane in the flight.

This puppy is geared up for action with the wing mounted cannons and bombs...ready to make mincemeat of anything foolish to get in it's sights. MuWuhahahahahahaha

This plane came to me alrready primed so the initial prep work was already for me.  Remember, these planes are not easy to paint. The resin they are made of is VERY slick and does not hold paint well. You HAVE to make sure that you wash the model thoroughly with soapy water and then "rough" it up with super super fine sandpaper (something like 1000 grit or higher). Then you have to use a TRUE primer (not just an undercoat). You need to be careful as the detail is very shallow. Spraycan primers can go on very heavy and if you aren't careful you clog up that detail.

I used the same color scheme well as some leftover decals...from the HS129B3.

830 Field Grey ------ Base top
890 Reflective Green ----- Camo Spotches Top
907 Pale Grey Blue -------Underside
950 Black --- Window Base
964 Field Blue-------- Window reflection squiggles
977 Desert Yellow ---- Base for yellow stripe and wingtips
Testors Yellow Zinc Chromate --- Yellow Stripe and wingtips

Paint Tip:  Painting "Yellow" can be tricky.  If you lay down a brown color first (I used 977 Desert Yellow), "Yellow" goes down much easier on top of the brown base.  Other wise you will be laying down 4-5 fairly heavy coats of "Yellow" to build it up to the right shade....and each layer fills in detail.

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