Monday, September 10, 2012

British Hurricane IIc

Greetings all!  Its been a while since I posted some pics of my stuff...but Fear Not!!!  I have not stopped painting, just been focusing on some commission pieces that have taken priority over my stuff, and the folks I am doing the work for will be posting MUCH better pics than I do.  When they post I will link to their site.  Those jobs have been...and still are some interesting pieces.

So, while I have been waiting for stuff to dry on the commission pieces, I was able to knock out some aircraft.  The first I did is for a Mid-War Team tournament where I am running about 1000 points of Brit paras in Italy from the North Africa book.  Here I can get a Hurricane IIc...and I just had to .  Its ALMOST as good as the Typhoon I get for my Arnhem paras.

These planes are still a pain to paint.  The resin they are made of is VERY slick and does not hold paint well at all.  First tip is to wash the model thoroughly with soapy water and then "rough" it up with super super fine sandpaper (something like 1000 grit or higher).

My color Scheme:

914 Green Ochre ---- Base color
824 German Camo Orange Ochre ----- 1:8 Wash (paint to water)
989 Sky Grey ---- Underside
875 Beige Brown ---- Camo Splotches
984 Flat Brown ---- Base for Little Red dots by the Cannon and the Nose
957  Flat Red ---- Little dots by the  Cannon and the Nose
950 Black ---- Window Base
964 Field Blue ---- Window reflection squiggles

Decals are those supplied in the Battlefront box.

I hand brushed the entire model.  Did a glos coat when finished and did 3 layers of a light pin wash to bring out the panel lines.

This should bring some pain in our tournament as it is Limited Air...with 5 dice instead of the Sporadic Air with 3 dice I get with the Typhoon in my Late War list   Mwuwahahahahahaha.


  1. Really nice work, no wonder you have so many commissions in the bag! All this negative talk is scaring me away from doing a couple of boxes of planes that I have had sitting around. Do you think that an airbrush and primer would make the paint stick better? I am reallly hoping that it would because otherwise i'm in trouble! I have the old box sets with 3 in each...

  2. I tried to airbrush Vallejo white primer at first. I would expect that if I thinned the primer with water, but I used my standard thinner whenever I use the airbrush. So I just hand brushed the primer.

    I would avoid using a spray primer such as Army Painter...those can come out really thick and the detail on this planes is VERY could clog it up way too easy.

    I airbrushed the base and camo pattern on my good effect. Just have to get that primer ...a true primer ...on these any way you can without clogging detail.

    Go for all each a little different. I think everyt plane type had different camo schemes.

    Cant wait to see what you do with them.