Monday, May 28, 2012

5th SS Wiking Panther Platoon

Been a while since I posted some of my work.  Just finished my Panthers for my 5th SS Wiking force...finally got fine lines with the airbrush down enough where I could try this camo scheme on my Panthers.  I have 1 platoon of 5 tanks and the Command Section with CiC and 2iC.

The platoon:

1st Section Leader:

2nd Section Leader:

1st Section Wingman:

2nd Section Wingman:

Company Command Section



The platoon is from the Battlefront Panther A Platoon Boxed Set, the CiC is from the Panzer Kanonen Box Set (love this model ...and the Panzer Kanonen dice)...the 2iC is a Panther A from a blister pack.

The scheme is based on the posts by Tomwise that are now stored at Bard's Abode  .  I used my airbrush for all the camo and then used brush for the other details followed by pigments.  I like to base my vehicles and am seeing that they sit to high on all the turf I use, so I will be rebasing and making better tread tracks for the tank to sit in...that should lower it make it look a lot better.

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