Sunday, November 20, 2011

Para Assault Platoon Finally!

Just finished them up...actually finished them twice.  Wasn't happy with the first round of basing on the new plastic rubble bases so I went back and redid them.  I chickened out and didn't do any cobblestone streets this go around. 

I really wanted to to capture the rubble feel.  Looking a bunch of color pictures of rubble from Gaza to urban blight and demo'ed buildings one thing I noticed was the mess had a greenish grey brown tone to it and I wanted to capture that.  I primed the bases in black For the Main rubble mix I basecoated them in Field Grey (830). I semi heavy hilite of German Camo Beige (821) and a little lighter hilite of Testors Gull grey finished the next step.  Then I did a thick wash of 6:1 water:German Camo Medium Brown (826). Then I picked out all the rocks and bricks and black washed that.  A final hi-lite of German Camo Beige (821) again and finally hiliting the bricks and stones and wood.  The greenish tone doesn't really show in the pictures sadly, but in person it is there. :-)

Platoon Leader


Light Mortar


1st Section

2nd Section

3rd Section

Next up:  Heavy AT Platoon........17lbers baby

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