Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guards Armored Regiment

A few buddies and I spilt the Open Fire box set a while back and I got the Sherman Vs.  I was dying to see how the new plastics painted up...but there weren't enough there to make a full what to do...what to do...well that is easy, buy enough tanks to make the full unit of course.  ;-)

So, with 6 Sherman Vs and 2 Firefly Shermans from the Open Fire set, I needed to get quite a few more models to represent a unit from the No. 2 Squadron, 2nd Guards Regiment (Coldstream Guards) in Market Garden.

So I found Sherman V platoon box set on sale (Go Hobbytown USA!) and a few blisters to give me 3 Platoons and the Command Section, for a whopping total of 10 Sherman Vs and 6 Fireflies (up to 2 Fireflies per platoon in Market Garden). And of cant run the Irish Guards at Market Garden with JOE Vandeleur.

JOE Vandeleur
Michael Caine! (Always loved the Kelly Green Neck Scarf)

RAF Air Controller

Company Command Section:

1st Platoon:

I have this platoon with the 2 Firely/plt option for Market Garden

2nd Platoon

2nd and 3rd Platoon have option for 1 or 2 Fireflies/Plt

3rd Platoon



2 extra Fireflies to bring 2nd and 3rd Plt up to 2 Fireflies/Plt.  As is, 2nd and 3rd Plt are perfect for Normandy battles with 3 Sherman Vs and 1 Firefly..

All the antennae are either bristles from a brush I found or stretched plastics sprue.  I am moving away from using piano wire after some rather nasty bloodletting incidents.
I look forward to expanding this list with some infantry and artillery...should allow be to any British on the West of Europe from D-Day to the end of the war.

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  1. What a superior effort! May Vandeleur's boys save the day at Arnhem and may thier casualties be few.
    Very nice brush work, too.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon