Thursday, August 9, 2012

WWPD Articles and Status

Just wanted to share a few of the recent articles I have done for WWPD in case you aren't a regular viewer at WWPD (which I recommend you do daily as they always have good articles). 

These articles are reviews of the models used in the Raiding Aces campaign he held at our FLGS here in Huntsville Alabama. For the articles so far we covered the forces that I played (the Autosahariana), that Adrien played (he LRDG) and that John played (the SAS).  The models shown were painted by the people that played them (except the SAS, I painted those).  The articles also include some tips for playing those forces. So far the articles done are:

Autosahariana AS42 Article
LRDG Article
SAS Article

I plan to do at least one more on the raiders...the OSS that Michael ran.  That should be up in a few weeks.  That is a cool force among other cool forces.

Other than that I am knee deep in the commission for Luke from WWPD and am swimming in US Infantry and Armored Rifles. Working through that and have already sent him back 2 Armored Rifle Platoons with all the fixings as well as seated GIBs (Guys in Back) in the halftracks.  Luke is going to make a post on WWPD when he gets them all based (he is basing them them himself to keep a common theme across his forces....remember an earlier post I had on that?  :-)  ).

Oh well back to the grindstone!  As long as I dont get sidetracked by any.......ooooHHHHH?  what's that?  Malifaux?  That's that wierd game right....but the models are so pretty.....prettyprettypretty


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