Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking News!!!

I was a little slow in posting this week, but I had a some news to share that had to wait until today for me to post.

First, is that the gang over at WWPD have asked me ...little old me (old is right, but is 6'4" 260 lbs REALLY little?) write reviews for them.  After the humbling shock wore off, I said "Of course!"

...and my first article is up on the WWPD site today!  It is a review of the Autosahariana boxed set and their use in a Raiding Aces campaign.  It looks like the next WWPD campaign will be in North Africa and include regular battles as well as Raids, so this article is the first in a series of the raiding forces that were used in the Raiding Aces campaign we ran at my FLGS...The Foundry in Huntsville Alabama.

Check out the article at WWPD.

Second is that I have joined the WWPD network.  You can get to their goodness which includes the WWPD and Saga sites, forums as well as BUNCH of other great blogs that support the hobby we love so much.  You can get to them from this symbol:

This is also proudly displayed in the upper right of the blog.

All of this SHOULDN'T keep me from doing what I have been doing on the blog...actually will add to it as I will have access to products to review that I normally wouldn't purchase for myself.  I really look forward to sharing those insights with everyone.

Oh well...and we now return you to your scheduled programming

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