Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Back to the Table---Find Players

I guess one of the hardest things about getting back to the table to play is having a pool of players who you can play.  There are several sources out there that can help.

The first is talk to your local game shop.  They might have an "opponents wanted" list in their game area.  They can also tell you if there is a gaming group in your area and help you get in touch with them.  They can even pass your name on to other customers who are buying the game your are wanting to play.

The other method  is the internet.  Google gaming groups in your area.  The manufacturer's website of the game you are wanting to playing could have a player finder feature.  Also you might find a 3rd party run player run player finder.  Just also be careful of how much info you put there for security purposes....its a trade off.

Now in my situation I am looking for Flames of War players.  My local game store has several customers who at least are buying FoW figures and books.  I just talked to the owner and he said he would pass along my info to those folks.  I also learned that there is a gaming group in my area, but that they are heavily into WH40K and Warmachine/Hordes.  Not a total loss as they are still a potential pool of players who can be converted.  The FoW website has some great links to stores and clubs in my geographic area...sadly they are about a 2-2.5 hour drive away.

Another little "trick" I did was in the FoW website I placed where I was from in my profile and when I post items there I will mention that I am from Northern Alabama or the Huntsville area.  This lead me to another group that is based in Birmingham, but at least one that does play FoW.

Through the FoW website I also found the "What Would Patton Do" blog and podcast.  Great bunch of guys there and top notch podcast.....AND....they have a player finder feature that a gent named Chris Miller is running for FoW.  I sent my info into him to get added.  When it does I will be the first in the Huntsville area, but its a start.  You might be first, but you make it easier for those following.  Doing the recce job so to speak.

Now I got my name and interest out there, what more can a I do?  I need to spark the interest in others in my area.  What better way than to sponsor a demo at my local gaming store.

More to follow.....

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