Monday, February 17, 2014

Japanese Type 92 70mm gun Platoon

Next up in my Japanese force is the Hohei Battalion Gun Platoon with the Type 92 70mm gun.  For the Japanese, the Type 92 takes the role of 81-82mm Battalion mortars in other armies.  It looks easy to put together from the components, but there was a fair amount of filing that had to be done to put the wheels on.  You will see in the pictures that the gun tube is pointing down...try as I could, I just couldn't get a pose with the tube pointing up.  :-(

Other than that it painted nicely. 

Platoon Leader and Observer:

1st Gun:

2nd Gun:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Japanese Type 94 37mm gun Rapid-Fire Gun Platoon

Finally back to painting and playing Flames of War.  For those that don't know, I suffer from chronic neck and back pain and every 6 months or so the pain gets so bad I can't play or paint until I get some epidural injections of a magical medical mixture that puts it all right for another 6 months.

Just before my hands started hurting from the neck pain, I had started some more Japanese units.  In this case, it was the Hohei Rapid-Fire Gun Platoon with the Type 94 37mm gun. The Type 94 37mm gun is the main long range anti-tank asset...and boy does this army need long range Anti-tank assets!.

The Type 94 37mm gun platoon!

Pretty simple to put together

Platoon Leader:

1st Gun Team:
Wheel is a little wonky  :-(

2nd Gun Team:

Some how I left off the RED part of the platoon ID (Middle set of slashes should be WHITE RED)


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guards Armored Regiment

A few buddies and I spilt the Open Fire box set a while back and I got the Sherman Vs.  I was dying to see how the new plastics painted up...but there weren't enough there to make a full what to do...what to do...well that is easy, buy enough tanks to make the full unit of course.  ;-)

So, with 6 Sherman Vs and 2 Firefly Shermans from the Open Fire set, I needed to get quite a few more models to represent a unit from the No. 2 Squadron, 2nd Guards Regiment (Coldstream Guards) in Market Garden.

So I found Sherman V platoon box set on sale (Go Hobbytown USA!) and a few blisters to give me 3 Platoons and the Command Section, for a whopping total of 10 Sherman Vs and 6 Fireflies (up to 2 Fireflies per platoon in Market Garden). And of cant run the Irish Guards at Market Garden with JOE Vandeleur.

JOE Vandeleur
Michael Caine! (Always loved the Kelly Green Neck Scarf)

RAF Air Controller

Company Command Section:

1st Platoon:

I have this platoon with the 2 Firely/plt option for Market Garden

2nd Platoon

2nd and 3rd Platoon have option for 1 or 2 Fireflies/Plt

3rd Platoon



2 extra Fireflies to bring 2nd and 3rd Plt up to 2 Fireflies/Plt.  As is, 2nd and 3rd Plt are perfect for Normandy battles with 3 Sherman Vs and 1 Firefly..

All the antennae are either bristles from a brush I found or stretched plastics sprue.  I am moving away from using piano wire after some rather nasty bloodletting incidents.
I look forward to expanding this list with some infantry and artillery...should allow be to any British on the West of Europe from D-Day to the end of the war.